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Tournament Details


The Rustopia Invitational is a point-based event that rewards players and teams for individual kills on other players and team-based events.
The event will be split up into three separate stages to allow for the best gameplay and pacing.

  • The first day will be gathering resources and PvP-styled events.
  • The second and final day will be primarily raiding other teams for their points

Here is a brief overview of the Rustopia Invitational server:

  • Team Limit of 12 – No allies or cross-teaming (this includes merge raids)
  • 3x Boosted Gather and Resource Rate
  • There is a 75-minute – 2-minute day and night cycle
  • Advanced Team Sharing (Auto auth to TCs, Codelocks, Turrets etc.)
  • Boosted loot tables (better barrels and boxes)
Points System

Our points system allows teams to collect points for killing players, taking objectives and coming first in our custom events. Teams set their main toolcupboard as their Core TC which their team points will be stored in.


Build Phase

Phase 1

3 Hours

Farm For Materials
PVP & Points Disabled

Event Phase

Phase 2

8 Hours

4PM - 10PM EST
10PM - 10AM EST
Quiet Period/Points Disabled
10AM - 12PM

Raid Phase

Phase 3

7 Hours

12PM - 7PM EST
Raiding Enabled
Winner Crowned
Building Rules
Tool Cupboard Placements
  1. Teams CORE TC must be in their main base
  2. Teams CORE TC must be accessible by doors and must have a clear path to it
Base Building Rules
  1. Only 1 ring of external TC’s are permitted
  2. Only 1 ring of external high walls are allowed around your base
  3. China walls are only allowed to be 4 walls high
  4. China walls are only allowed to be within 6 FOUNDATIONS of your base
  5. Counting starts where your main base/core ends
Turret/Sam Limits
  1. Bases are locked to a maximum of 15 turrets
    2. Sam sites will be limited to 3
Raid Bases
  1. You can only build a FOB 3 stories high
No Griefing Teams
  1. No TC bombing
  2. Constantly grubbing around team bases is not allowed
  3. No code raiding