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Roam Bubble

The roam bubble will spawn a dome on the map in a king of the hill type event. Teams are awarded points for every kill they get while inside the bubble.

Points are only counted if both players are inside of the bubble and if both players have a sash. 

Only high walls can be placed inside the bubble. Teams are also permitted to create FOB’s outside the bubble with extra kits and faster respawns.

Once the roam bubble event is over, the team with the most kills are awarded a bonus amount of points for every kill during the event and an additional bonus for every kill that was a headshot kill.


Team A gets 100 kills, of which 20 were headshots; they get 20 points per kill which equals 2000 points. They also get 5 extra points for each of their headshot kills, which equals 100 points, giving Team A a total of 2100 points.